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Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Out Friday --Jamaica

We all agree that these are harsh economic times. A time of financial embarrassment, bankruptcy, hiding from debt collectors...etc, etc. yaddi, yaddi, yadda... But is this excuse enough for corporate giants to wear us thin? Take us for every dollar etc.? No!
We each have to "pull our own weight" towards the improvement of our country... right?
There are companies existing in this beautiful land, who are the epitome of the embodiment of monotony and we all know that where there is no competition, the margin of error, vastly increases. By that I mean, there is little motive for improving goods and or services since there is but one supplier.
Case in point, our energy provider, the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd, which is by the way, owned by Marubeni (not of Jamaica), is majority shareholder with the minuscule share of the company, a meagre 20% belonging to the government- SHAMEFUL!
Anyways, Friday 19/08/2011 was dubbed "J.P.S Black Out Friday". In support of a peaceful demonstartion so dubbed, customers  were urged to wear black in  protest against the high cost required of us on our  electricity bills.
My bestie and I sported outfits below....

My BFF and I leaving work...
I'm wearing: Shirt- ColdWater Creek,Jeggings - Mossimo, Shooties-Madden Girl, Hobo- fendi-inspired.

Get black denim here:

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Know My Body

Knowing your body is what is like the foundation of successful style. What some folks don't understand is that....
You can be trendy but not fashionable, fashionable yet not stylish. If you have a sense of fashion... you will agree that body type is fundamental to successful styling. I have an hourglass figure and I rock it. Being stylish is 50% attitude. Exude confidence and people will take note.
My style is infectious....and I'd like to keep it that way. So styling....
Rain Style Jelly Ankle BootsBlack Hoodie(Nike),
 Denim Skirt(American Eagle)
Patent Tote
Beach Party---Sheer TopDenim SkirtGladiators

Work Attire- Faux Wrap DressLace Cami,
 Mary JanesSunglassesWhite Belt.
(Actually, the belt is bronze, but turned inside out, its white).

So Blue for blues....

I'm now in the place where planning an outfit is beginning to feel overrated and its like... what's up with that!
Grossly overrated. Lately its been pretty much grab and go when dressing these days.
 The reason for this is because its so damn hot! I can't tolerate the closeness of jeans, even leggings are a bit much @ times.... SMH. Anywhooo....enough babbling.

Blue Tunic Dress (seen here- Old Navy) Alternate

Forever21... seen in previous post.

Tube DressBlack Thong Sandals

Navy 3/4 sleeve top (no boundaries), Floral Skirt(lands end),
Peep toe Shooties (Madden girl).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to Black

One of my favorite hues, sadly, is BLACK. So I am an earthy my browns, my reds and my greens. For me, the darker, the better. A friend of mine is opposite... If its loud, bright, attention grabbing or border-line garish.... hand it to her. She'll wear it.
I was reminded of just how much I like black... when for the week, I repeatedly reached for dark ensembles to wear to work....SMH. Photo op below....

Earth tones... Outfit- My very own design and construction,
Jessica Simpson Laced Platform,

Earthy: Self made dress.

Dark ensembleFaux Wrap DressPeep Toe shoes

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Haul

Really and truly I wanted to shop for accessories mainly. That went out the window when I found my first love in Oooh and I got a bag too....ooh and skirts and was little shopping. : D.
 I don't know if you'll like them all....but I do. Thanks good enough, right! Hahaha... Enjoy....

Chocolate designer inspired bag...

Shoe bundle... recently purchased these....

Closest style Canvas Shoes
Forever21 Suedette Peeptoe Slingbacks

Qupid Ankle boots

Leopard Print Shoe

Closest match Lavender Sandals , Jellies
Beige Gladiator Sandal

Heeled Jelly waterproof boots

What You Wearing?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Style

Work ensemble
Me & my girls partying til' morning....

Me & my girls @ the movies
On me: Graphic Tee- F21, Skinny Jeans-Urban Behaviour

Latest purchase- Lauren Conrad

Fade to print!: Top- No Boundaries, Belt- F21,
Floral Skirt- Lands End, Peep-toe Shooties- Madden Girl

Dress- Gifted, Belt-Asos, Sling backs(not shown) - Sweet Seventeen


More Outfitz
Mother & I
Mom & I
Mom: Pants- Guess, Top - Gifted,
Shoes-Michael Antonio, Purse- Mark
-This quickly became my summer fave!
       (my own design and constructed by yours truly)

Rural run: Jeggings- Mossimo, Blouse- Gifted
Handbag- Prada , Clogs- as in previous post
Funeral Outfit: Blouse-New York & Co., Skirt- Isaac Mizrahi
Peep-toe oxford shooties- Madden Girl



I know I have this tendency to take a leave of absence from blogging....I'm sorry ppl. I have exams to study for... (not that I really want to, but I want to be promoted (@work), right? Anywhoo...This is just a super quick post of fashion forward outfits I wore this summer.... Enjoy
My creation... Loved the printed skirt... Worn to my son's school leaving exercise. Fab!
Mom & I en route to the service
My son & I at the service

Such a sweety

And he marches down the aisle...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eco-FAshion... Final Year Art Show cont...

              Back in March was our Alternative Fashion Show at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and it was just FAB. A final year student ,Lauren Watkis, debuted her eco-fashion collection. It was more in the likeness of recyclable fashion really but her designs were beautiful and the construction was remarkable...Paper dresses and plastics, looking all fashionable. For the Final Year Show, it was more of the same that I've come to tag as being "so Lauren". Couture- like gowns from alternate materials, I'm loving it. Another student who brought this alternate fashion ideas to the forefront  was Nikki Ann Chambers. Beautiful girls, such darlings, love them. 

Instead of droning on let me allow you to be the judge...pretty decent pieces ( I still had to add that.LOL)
Feedback would be greatly appreciated.......

Lauren Watkis -Shift eco-fashion

The Designer herself... Lauren Watkis

The face of Shift eco-fashion, Carroyra Mcnuff,
who herself is a talented Avant garde designer.
The "Caution Tape Dress" modelled by
 Daniella Toyloy, another great talent @ E.M.C
The "Shower Curtain Dress"

Lauren with her "Trash bag gown".

Monday, June 6, 2011

Final Year Art Show at the Edna Manley College

I am an Art student right? Well, technically.... I am a Textiles student... Fashion Design, but I appreciate all art forms... So I make it my point of duty to visit the gallery especially at school, called "the Cage". Ok, so it is written a bit differently and all that, but you get the basic idea, pretty much, right?
As the grand finale of the semester, the Final Year BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) students, have to display their work... ( its is the most anticipated event of the academic year).
My friend, Nashade and I decided to go view the pieces and were really excited about the fashion pieces.  D-I-V-I-N-E!
Enough of my Rambling though, its time for you to see the real deal....
Behold! (LOL, I know I'm just silly)....

 What I wore: Mini-Trench- No name, Jeggings -Mossimo, Graphic Tee - No Name, Boots- Clarks
A few shots of the pieces from "The Butcher":-
This in all fairness is like the female anatomy... The Vagina
Definitely the Ass

The Leg and Uterus is all that is clear to me here...
Gross things break...
I certainly wouldn't mind taking home these two pieces...

There is just something about them that compelled me to take a pic...

My department's lovelies....
This is Sasha... I've had the pleasure of a first hand view  of her development process...
Below are a few of  the pieces from Sasha's Collection (Label) -

Sasha's pieces were really colourful and were one of 
Two collections displayed in a Black N' White Themed Room.
Like her open Group on Facebook Solitaire

So, you guessed it, Sasha was Black. And then...
There were Jehan's pieces...look into the white...

Beautiful pieces, beautiful models..... be continued...