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Monday, March 21, 2011

Follow up

Remember the loose fitting pants I mentioned being inspired to get because of  Janet Jackson's styling in similar pants Essence December 2010 publication????
This is my second time wearing these pants, and I swear, I'm gonna wear them out! Love the feel of the fabric, Love the style, color, everything about them!
This really is not the pic I'm looking for but will have to suffice, It works, love the outfit!
Photo courtesy of Essence Magazine

Pants: Banana Republic (the closes thing in the brand available)/Alternative, Blouse: No Name. Bag:  Birkin Look-a-like ( a little DIY lacework updates my old fave). Shoes( basically hidden): Luiza Barcelos (gift).
Specs: Vogue


I'm loving the retro comeback! yea! Well, welcome 7os, Welcome adrogyny. I totally love it and I am rocking the trends. I'm having a little trouble easing back into my bloggosphere...but I Will get there!

My faves for the season are:
1. The maxi's -whether dresses or skirts, Love!
2. The flare legged pant and or jeans ( so sweet!)
3 Sheer clothing...ooh la la!
I have been rocking my pants a lot of late, especially after seeing Janet Jackson in her loose pants in the December issue of essence magazine. It looks and really does feel, soooo, relaxed.

Blouse: Claudia Richards,  Jeans:My jeans is Rocawear but the link is Seven7 Cardigan: Gifted (thanks grandma!) Bag: No name. Boots: Wild Diva

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Looooong overdue....

SO! I know my post is loooooooooong overdue, but with good reason. The hubby and I was a terrible christmas, I have school on the brain and more work than even I can handle...I'm fielding a careful who u date! Taken care of.. I was just curious...smh...not worth it, trust me! Anyways.. I hope i can make up for what I've missed out on....geesh... i feel so out of the loop. well, lets see............