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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Start Anew

Hi. I'm gonna start afresh. I created a blog knowing full well that my schedule is crazy but I'm gonna try harder this time...
So yesterday being my birthday, I decided to dubb it "the first day of the rest of my life". This is because I'm making changes. One such change is to actually make blog entries and spruce up my blog somewhat. I will be opening up my world, exposing more of what it is that I do. What better time to start than the present, huh?

I celebrated the day of my birth yesterday. I woke up to a quiet but beautifully tranquil day. I had planned the days events in advance but... I changed my mind the minute I finished my daily devotion. The plan was to shower and go have breakfast (packed or take-out) at the waterfront (Kingston Harbour - because it can be sooo quiet if you're early), visit the National Gallery and Liberty Hall...after which i would stop by my friend's workplace, drag him to have lunch with me and chit chat a bit. Then, return home for a little siesta time and dinner @ Isiaa's.  That was what was suppose to have happened? Sounds good right?
 Waterfront, Kingston, Jamaica

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall
However...what actually happened was... I showered. Brewed a cup of tea and flopped down on my couch. "Cabaret" was calling me... I watched that, then there was "rent", followed by "Chicago".... It was a musical marathon of a day!  I had a bite at "gourmet wings" ordered in and red wine (that's what I craved.)
 Today was all about what I wanted, which is exactly what I told nana when she called to wish me well on my day. 

Isiaa's Restaurant & Bar

Isiaa's was lovely... I felt like I was being specially catered to (the place was near empty; my friend and I were the only two people dining inside...other patrons dined on the balcony, LOL). The food was good, the service was good and the music....oh! Tina Turner, Aretha, the likes. The ambience was di-vine! 
I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to take decent pics to share ( I forgot my cam)...but I did however take pics before I left home so at least you'll see the outfit.  Marvellous (even if early) end to a most wonderful day. HBD to me!
Top to Toe: Draped top; Puntocom (Similar) ,
Pinstripe shorts;George (Similar; WetSeal)
 Fuschia woven straw clutch; Avon,(Similar) or (Alternative)
Fuschia wedge; Delicious(Closest economical one) orThese

(a.k.a  Fabulista876)