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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It is but a few minutes to midnight here and I've decided that, just as it is with the night to day transition, and from summer to autumn...I have yet another transition to make. My wardrobe needs some attention. Trust me when I say that there are pieces that I've purchased years ago that I have yet to wear! I'm gonna change that!
What better time for change than the very time you may need an intervention? No unnecessary spending! The stores are calling. So tempted to go shopping... Over the weeks to come, I will be more focused on wearing those forgotten pieces. Anyone who suffers from the same ailment??? You're welcomed to try. At the end of it all, of course Im going be exchanging or giving stuff away or just donate them to charity. Now thats a good idea.
I'm challenging myself... and it starts right now! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing Catch up

Playing Catch-up....

Over the weekend, I was back in the rural parts of the country, the parish I'm from originally,Portland (in Jamaica). So I was back in my old home, in my old bed, staring at my old ceiling and doing all the glorious old stuff. There is a tropical nut I love (some ppl will call this nut a fruit, because the skin can be eaten), almond and the grapes by the sea that I haven't had in over 10 years! I totally over indulged! Hahahaha! But I don't regret a minute of it.
  1. -This is the way the nut appears on the tree.
  2. -The nut is then placed in the sun to dry.
  3. -The almonds are cracked open using an hammer or stone.
  4. The nut is removed and ready to eat.
  5. Below is the stone I used at home and yep, that's me without the make-up and cute outfits. Haha.

Below are the beloved grapes. Purple ones are ripe and ready to be devoured!
My son refused to have any, he says they are not grapes! My fault! He doesn't know the local grapes.

Sunday it was, and my mom, Joaquin (my son) and I thought that we would go to church, not that its not the norm. And we did. Service was......dull. Sorry peeps. Below are some pics that I took to show what we wore.

Mom and I, oh so serious....
-Joaquin and this cute lil baby girl....

-Maxi skirt worn as dress, belted with a faux leather white belt and black shrug with white sandals. I took the black and white thing to a whole new level, matching handbag and jewelry- my Juicy Couture set,pendant and charm on the bracelet, black and white! (Juicy necklace, bracelet).

BTW... the photographer is my son!!! LOL. He's obsessed with gadgets!

Maxi skirt:Mossimo-$21
Thong sandal:Mia-$26
Shrug: Eileen West-Gifted

Friday, August 20, 2010

Funeral no.2

Sunglasses: Vintage Chanel, Belt: Rampage, Skirt: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, Blouse: Mossimo, Handbag: Louis Vuitton, Gladiator Platforms: Jessica Simpson.

The day of the funeral....

On the day of the funeral I wore the basic black skirt (Isaac Mizrahi), a black sleeveless blouse (Mossimo), my animal print belt (Rampage), gladiator platforms (Jessica Simpson), Vintage Chanel sunglasses and my checkered Louis Vuitton bag (I know its ancient but I love it!).

I was told only after being on my way to the funeral that I should've worn cheerful colours…I borrowed a pink pin! LOL.


Funeral no.2

And the day of the funeral....

On the day of the funeral I wore the basic black skirt (Isaac Mizrahi), a black sleeveless blouse (Mossimo), my animal print belt (Rampage), gladiator platforms (Jessica Simpson) and my checkered Louis Vuitton bag (I know its ancient but I love it!).

More of the same

It was Wednesday, the day before my friend's funeral, that I decided to journey to my "village" to pay my last respects to my dear friend Marie. And of course, in true "Fabulista" fashion, I had already chosen my outfit when the weather changed. It began to rain cats and dogs. Hmmm...slight problem if I was traveling alone and if I wasn't taking the bus. Haaa!!! Damn! You know I had to change what I had planned to wear. I settled for my fave jeggings, (yes you've seen it before!) an oversized tee (which you've also seen before), a white belt and a fab pair of white jelly wedges. How delish!

Over-sized tee: H&M, Hobo: Louis Vuitton, Jeggings: Express, Jelly Wedges: 2Go USA( IDK what this is, just loved the wedges for a wet day, paid just $6 for them.)
Get a better look of this wedge....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My son is Swaggerific!

A Few of Joaquin's summer coozies.....
Isn't he just fab!

What I've Been Wearing

Mom and Joaquin before leaving for the funeral...
On Mom-Pants-Forever21, Blouse- Ann Taylor Loft, Sunglasses-Salvatore Ferragamo.
Joaquin's wearing- Pants -Kenneth Cole, Shoes-Kenneth Cole, Shirt-Hangten.

For Ann-Marie's funeral I wore.... Poncho- Carmin LA, Pants- Bitten, Purse-XOXO and my retro Chanel sunglasses.

Then after a few days, I went with mom to get her a dress for a beach wedding......

...and we walked, and walked , and then we were really tired. Joaquin and I took a break.

Latest happenings

A lot has been happening since I posted my last blog. I'm on my vacation, as I've stated several times before, but its no picnic. I have lost three people . My dear cousin and two girlfriends in a matter of weeks. It has, as to be expected, taken a toll on me and what I may or may not do now. Subsequently, I mostly stayed home and turned into a couch potato and yes, have gained a few extra extra pounds as a result. Alas, I'm slowing getting out of this slump.

Most of my day's were spent fixing jigsaw puzzles with my son, reading magazines, (what's happening to my girl Tori Spelling!) and watching television. Right now, I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to finish typing. Ugh! Thank God for spell-check!

I have yet to walk the beaches, which isn't 5 minutes walk from my house. How pathetic!

Everything, however, will be okay in a few more days. My cousin was laid to rest on Sunday. One friend will be buried on Thursday and the other? The date has not yet been set.
Annmarie was that cousin that was so cute, cool and quite. I miss her already. R.I.P. Ann-marie.

You're gone girl, but definitely not forgotten.

My life for the past 2 weeks are as follows:
  • Games with my son
  • Talks with my mom
  • Pray for longer days
The Games- Car games and Bike Games with my son online.
As far as jigsaw puzzles go, we do Spongebob, Pluto (@ disney), and Mickey Mouse.

Outfits Later......

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Party Mix

I have been slowing down lately, and not just my metabolic rate. I have attended very little events and almost no party whatsoever,lately. I went to a party recently, a friend of mine was the host. I didn't have the excitement normally felt when dressing for such an occassion. I did boring basics...Plus getting dressed at work is no fun at all. I had to get dressed there because there was no way to possible make it home, get ready and back before my ride would've been ready and the venue was really a distance away from where I was.
The party was themed Suspension-As in being sent home from school because of misconduct or whatever: We were supposed to be in uniforms, but I hate uniforms! So I did my own thing. Don't hate! Appreciate!

Black tank-J.Crew, Zippered shrug-, Laced gladiators-Jessica Simpson, oversized clutch-Sonia Rykiel, Necktie-Boss.

But before all that...,

Before my vacation officially began, I was doing a little, some'n some'n....My outfits to this point are just summer basics really. As such, not much to write about. Man! I've turned this blog into something more therapeutic. Its like a daily journal.
See looks below....

This was actually my last day at work....I just couldn't wait to be outside those gates!
I just went home, showered, changed into the outfit below and went to the barber....My cousin, who is uber talented.... His name is Kevin of Diamond Touch Beauty and Barber Salon.

The day before my final day I went shopping. I had that work fun day at the beach coming up and this is what I wore shopping with my girlfriend, who I of course dragged along with me.

Feedback welcome....

Shaboya (Fabulista876)