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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look Chic for Less

The aim of most fashionistas who live on a budget, especially now with the recession on, is of course to look like a million dollars whilst paying but a dime. Well, of course, not a dime. LOL. Lots of magazines applaud the stars for wearing pieces that are from Target and the likes. They can afford it, yet they do shop the cheaper brands or chains. Why shouldn't you follow suit? Most stylists and mags focus on putting together looks for under $100. Well, I'm pushing it a little further…why not come up with an entire look for under $50??? I shopped the stores online (since I'm in Jamaica and can't venture into the actual stores) and look what I found….

Here in the Islands, people are being thrifty too. I will share some of my fashionably cheap and chic finds with you later. Feedback welcome.

Shaboya (Fabulista876)

Old navy Faux-leather tote-$13

Solid Pleat front dress-Forever21-$11

Ivanna Pumps-$12

Necklace:Wet Seal-$11 Forever21 Oval Sensation Ring-$4

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its funny how some folks frown at fashion as if to say it isn't relevant. But fashion IS relevant. There is a bit of fashion in all that we do. The walk, the talk, and the overall attitude. It is important to look your best even when you are not at your best. That's my mantra.
When any individual say, "its just clothes","the sole purpose is to provide a mean of defense against the elements".its like someone literally stuck a knife in me. With form comes function so FASHION is important.
If you have ever bought an item of clothing, then it matters to you, even sub-consciously.My clothing is an extension of self. Whatever I wear depicts my mood and vice-versa.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Belt, New Sandal!

No I don't go shopping everyday! I'm spoiled but not extremely. I was in the town center two days ago and couldn't help but purchase a few items...
This belt really needed a home & since I have the space....

These sandals are sooo beautiful & @ just $10, why not?
I've always wanted that belt. I've seen variations, but not that one with an allure. I love it!
The sandal was a must have, the summer screams beach parties, and they have already started. The colours are so vibrant. I'm gonna enjoy wearing these. They are not the most comfortable pair. hard on the feet but easy on the eyes type. Bought it from a street vendor. One gripe- I paid $10, a little ways down the road, it was $6...$4 less. No worries. Its still a bargain! I love the pom-poms!

Similar belt
Today was a looong day. It was hard for me to leave home for work. Why? Its been raining since last night, on and off. Okay, so my day start at the crack of dawn, but instead of getting out of bed like I normally do, I hit the dismiss button (on my cell, I should've hit snooze). Of course I was late for work, because by the time I got up, I had something like half an hour to get to work. No, I don't live real close to my station, I have to take two cabs to get there. LOL. No joke. I got to work a little under 20 minutes later than I should. I was let off easy this time, because I am normally early.
At work, I was dying for the hours to pass so I could come back home to pick up where I left off, sleep blessed sleep. Seriously, I did not smile genuinely until I was rushing to catch the work bus home. Below, is what I wore today. Be it that I was in a hurry, its nothing preppy, or too cute. Wish it was. I'd be perceived as being a bit more fashionable, or stylish. At least the outfit was comfortable. So, I wore my American Eagle Outfitters Abstract tee (or colorblock- not sure under what category it would fall), my old cropped Mossimo Jeans, my cute lil pink cut-out jellies and my Louis V  satchel. Take a look...

Blouse-American Eagle Outfitters

Get The Look  

Grendha Jelly Pop Ballet Flats
Polka dot umbrella (tote size)
Louis Vuitton Multi-color Black Speedy 30



Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Style Star

My guess is that everybody get to choose one person @ least, who they emulate... OK then. At least one per year. LOL. Well, for the last couple years, there has been this one constant for me as a style star....None other than, Rihanna. I love everything about this chica. She's hot!!! (and no I'm not gay but I can state that fact without hatin'!) She's absolutely very talented. But the greatest thing for me is that she is a lover of avant garde and as such is always pushing the envelope. There are so many sides to her, such versatility, so delightfully radiant and beautiful....
I honestly wish I had her courage to strut my stuff baring so much. LOL
Wish I were that confident too. But I'm making strides.....Wish me luck.

Images below courtesy of

Exuding such class and grace...

So french boudoir-esque. So Moulin Rouge! Disturbia!

Sexy Sporty look I love....

Just oh so divine...I love here frame...

Preeeeety! Pretty little thing...

Avant garde  taking over!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Missing you.....

Ok... So its been four loooong days without my boo by my side...Dang!  Its gonna be a long summer.... Aside from the fact that I'm gonna miss him, there is no one to support my fashion blogging, no photographers and all... sigh.

my photographs will, no doubt, be interesting, lol. I do try, cuz I love It!!!
This is what I wore to work yesterday, collage-style....LOL.

You get it by now, I'm gonna assume. I LOVE ME some BLUE!!!!!!!! Ok. SO its my fave color. No matter what shade. The whole look made me feel just what I look like, blue. Blue overload maybe. I'm blue from missing my bf and looking all blue...LOL

Vintage suede cowboy mules 

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its summer and as with the change of season I just think I really need a few pieces, spend much? God....There a some things that I most definitely will have to get, its beach season people!

These Donna Karran wedge & sandals are just perfect 
and I love them!

 ...and have you seen a cuter neutral??? Hmmmm......

.....I much prefer this white Tommy Bahama is just so divine. That plus it is versatile too....


  Whether it's a mailot, monokini or a tankini (have to cover up some if not all of this ghastly belly fat I've acquired  over the last couple months!), I want some fun swimsuits. I'll be on vacation shortly and yes, the beach will be my main place of play! I know you envy me! Muah hahahaha! (Evil laugh). So loving the stripes this season! Slight houndstooth design @ left, Maaaad!!!
                                                          Above: Roxy

My beach outfit, of course, would not be complete without my trusty beach bag....



Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breakfast Beatz

Pieces of me.......
I wore this outfit to breakfast this morning with my bf.
After breakfast I had to swing by the airport to drop him off, he's gonna be out of the island for a lil while (boo hooo). Miss him already!
I opted for something light and airy because I wanted to be totally comfortable.
My choice: Oversized sleeveless blouse-Maurices
Jeggings- Mudd
Necklace-French Connection

The LOOK-BlouseBeltBallet FlatsJeggings, Bead necklace

Re-mix A Plain tee

So here I am hurrying out the house for my evening shift at work. Its Friday and I'm not quite sure what to wear.   Feeling a bit fat and uncomfortable (I am not pregnant!) That thing bulging in my pocket? My trusty cell phone.

Ok then..Lets get to it!
Fuschia wedge

Wayfarers    OR 
Cheaper wayfarers

Shoulder bag
Book- A Fashion bible. Glamour's Big Book of Dos and Don'ts

Thursday, July 15, 2010

River outfit

This is what I wore to the river....

The  Look
Sandals (look similar)

not QUITE friday!!!

Ok, so yo know that feeling of uncertainty...what to wear, what to wear. I had planned from the night before to wear a bright orange summer dress with black accessories, today to work. Since its not quite Friday, I didn't want to do the jeans to work thing. I wanted to be really comfortable (no heels) for walking the stores after work. Perfect outfit, only, I have packed on a few pounds, so as I got ready for work I realised its a total no-no. Damn!
Next best thing? Try another dress.... white with blue stripes, Joe dress was perfect(recent purchase). Top this look with an old Jonathan Martin blazer and opt for flats, belt it to define my waist---rearing and ready to go!
What's your vote?

Leaving home for work this morning!Loving my ensemble and feeling pretty good!

The Look

Striped dress

River Run...II

So as you know, in the islands as it draws close to summer, we islanders establish a much closer relationship with our waters. I had my exams last week, so its time to de-stress.My hubby and I went for a drive in the country, intention was to go to the north coast to have a fun day yesterday, but alas the weather would have none of it so we settle for someplace closer to home...still fun. We went to the Castleton Botanical Gardens  and had a little walk through the garden and yes, I wanted to go for a swim but there was a chill in the air. Yes, i did take my bathing suit and all, but because the air was a little nippy, I left it in the car :(. Should've taken it with me, the water was oh so refreshing. Just cool enough, not cold!
   Oh well, I guess I'll do that (swim) another day. Hmmm.... the air was sooo crispy clean. I love the countryside!
This Collage is a collection of most of the pics taken at the botanical garden....

 {Will post pics @  a later date}.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pre exam-get up....

Today is so not the happiest day of my life, yet it is....HUH?
I have exams to sit today and I think I've prepared myself for the worst. NOT!
I'm just now beginning to freak out about it. I think I know enough to pass...I know I do!
But for some reason I have this nagging feeling as if somethings not right. Anyways...
I'll be going into that damn room and ace that paper (I think I can, I know I can). Failing is not an option.
Obsess much? I just have the jitters but I'll get over it.
Wish me Luck.
My Outfit

So the one has  to be dressing cool these days because its so hot out.
Pairing my vest with a tee is my adding a little flair to the usual tee and pants combo.
The shades I can't do without in the sun and my trusty carry-all handbag completes
my look. Light and Airy casually cool......

The Look

Sunday, July 11, 2010

River Run

In the Islands, it is quite a popular summer activity to go to the river...well the one that i visited is more like a mini spa. Don't hate! LOL
.It is what some people believe, a really relaxing retreat, though I had to walk for a few minutes up a slope, quite worth it.
"Bath" as it is so commonly called, is really quite with the exception of a babbling brook and yes, it is did i say, a bit cool. The water coming from the rocks just above the little 'wading' areas is a little too warm for just standing under, but if you place a towel just where the water will hit the skin, its quite soothing. So warm, even though the water itself smells sulphuric (not the greatest scent), its quite good. Oh, point to note: the hot water comes from higher grounds where it is said that this water comes from a spring that is within a small all but inactive volcano and has healing properties. There are locals present offering their service as masseuse, etc with the use of an oil said to be made of pimento berries and olive oil (smells heavenly). I didn't get the chance to get my body rub on though, sadly.
P.S I'm really sorry I didn't get the chance to actually take photo. My camera is busted and these 
were taken with my cell.....

The Look

My Sunday Best...

Okay, so I don't really write...That's about to change. 
I'm always inclined to put my best fashion foot forward (Manolo crave- I wish!). 
I don't know, Sundays have always been a fave for me, because no matter who you are, you will dress up on a Sunday...hence the term "Sunday best". I am a big fan of the maxi dress and skirts, never was in the beginning, but I am now! They allow such freedom and gives a boost of confidence because nothing hugs and draw attention to the wrong places, triple gut, muffin know what I mean. So in honour of all the maxi-nistas out there, here is a look for the summer, totally love it! 
Muah!!!!!! XOXO
The Look