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Friday, May 6, 2011

What I wore

I see every event as a medium for advertising what I have learnt so far in class... 
At the alternative fashion show in March, I wore my own design, the convertible dress, the know how was garnished through my research and thanks to youtube I found the adorable gianniL (See, who has online tutorials which were really easy to follow. Since then, I've been sewing up a storm, when I have time on my hands. I made a final piece which was to be evaluated at my critique, I had good reviews but haven't received the photos yet. Silly me, I had my camera but had mistakenly left the memory card in my notebook at home, stress does that to you, smh.

So without further delay.....

The dress I made back in March...
At first glance it appears to be a dress, but its actually a skirt and a tank I made two days
ago. Initially I did make it a dress but I thought it would be more versatile as seperates.

I received this african print from my aunt like in 2007, however I didn't know what to do with it. Head to toe african would've been a bit too much for me. You all know I'm not much for prints ( except animal prints). Oh! You noticed, I cut my hair again. Sooo much easier to get ready.


  1. I really like the way you styled the African textile. You put a modern spin on it. Well Done

  2. Thank you Monique. I see that I have accomplished what I had set out to do...

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  4. Thanks Nina! Wish I had your skills... (Practice makes perfect is what Nana would say...but ugh!)
    I would love to see the end product... I like the idea. :)