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Friday, September 3, 2010

More updates

So, my hubby is back! Yippee! I now have my old Photographer back too. I missed him in both capacities! He took back for me a bag-full of goodies! 2 Cameras,( I can now take much better pics! Yea!), Perfume, Bath and body products, Ipod, A newer blackberry (not the one I wanted but....he did get me a professional type cam! Hey!), novels, Utilitarian stuff for work and yes himself, new and improved it seems. Can you see me grinning??? Its from ear to ear! LOL.
    The day after he came home, which is Sunday, we decided to run down to the north coast and do a little touristy thing. WE visited the Green Grotto Caves, so full of  history and just a tad bit scary! But fun!
So below are a few of the pics from the caves............ENJOY!
I'm sorry.... maybe later. For some reason this stupid thing wont upload. Maybe later

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