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Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Out Friday --Jamaica

We all agree that these are harsh economic times. A time of financial embarrassment, bankruptcy, hiding from debt collectors...etc, etc. yaddi, yaddi, yadda... But is this excuse enough for corporate giants to wear us thin? Take us for every dollar etc.? No!
We each have to "pull our own weight" towards the improvement of our country... right?
There are companies existing in this beautiful land, who are the epitome of the embodiment of monotony and we all know that where there is no competition, the margin of error, vastly increases. By that I mean, there is little motive for improving goods and or services since there is but one supplier.
Case in point, our energy provider, the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd, which is by the way, owned by Marubeni (not of Jamaica), is majority shareholder with the minuscule share of the company, a meagre 20% belonging to the government- SHAMEFUL!
Anyways, Friday 19/08/2011 was dubbed "J.P.S Black Out Friday". In support of a peaceful demonstartion so dubbed, customers  were urged to wear black in  protest against the high cost required of us on our  electricity bills.
My bestie and I sported outfits below....

My BFF and I leaving work...
I'm wearing: Shirt- ColdWater Creek,Jeggings - Mossimo, Shooties-Madden Girl, Hobo- fendi-inspired.

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  1. looking so lovely in black. glad you were in solidarity with the people to make some change and you did it with style... beautiful ladies.

  2. Thank you Monique... You gotta do what you gotta do. Stand up for something or fall for anything...