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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Latest happenings

A lot has been happening since I posted my last blog. I'm on my vacation, as I've stated several times before, but its no picnic. I have lost three people . My dear cousin and two girlfriends in a matter of weeks. It has, as to be expected, taken a toll on me and what I may or may not do now. Subsequently, I mostly stayed home and turned into a couch potato and yes, have gained a few extra extra pounds as a result. Alas, I'm slowing getting out of this slump.

Most of my day's were spent fixing jigsaw puzzles with my son, reading magazines, (what's happening to my girl Tori Spelling!) and watching television. Right now, I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to finish typing. Ugh! Thank God for spell-check!

I have yet to walk the beaches, which isn't 5 minutes walk from my house. How pathetic!

Everything, however, will be okay in a few more days. My cousin was laid to rest on Sunday. One friend will be buried on Thursday and the other? The date has not yet been set.
Annmarie was that cousin that was so cute, cool and quite. I miss her already. R.I.P. Ann-marie.

You're gone girl, but definitely not forgotten.

My life for the past 2 weeks are as follows:
  • Games with my son
  • Talks with my mom
  • Pray for longer days
The Games- Car games and Bike Games with my son online.
As far as jigsaw puzzles go, we do Spongebob, Pluto (@ disney), and Mickey Mouse.

Outfits Later......

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