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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing Catch up

Playing Catch-up....

Over the weekend, I was back in the rural parts of the country, the parish I'm from originally,Portland (in Jamaica). So I was back in my old home, in my old bed, staring at my old ceiling and doing all the glorious old stuff. There is a tropical nut I love (some ppl will call this nut a fruit, because the skin can be eaten), almond and the grapes by the sea that I haven't had in over 10 years! I totally over indulged! Hahahaha! But I don't regret a minute of it.
  1. -This is the way the nut appears on the tree.
  2. -The nut is then placed in the sun to dry.
  3. -The almonds are cracked open using an hammer or stone.
  4. The nut is removed and ready to eat.
  5. Below is the stone I used at home and yep, that's me without the make-up and cute outfits. Haha.

Below are the beloved grapes. Purple ones are ripe and ready to be devoured!
My son refused to have any, he says they are not grapes! My fault! He doesn't know the local grapes.

Sunday it was, and my mom, Joaquin (my son) and I thought that we would go to church, not that its not the norm. And we did. Service was......dull. Sorry peeps. Below are some pics that I took to show what we wore.

Mom and I, oh so serious....
-Joaquin and this cute lil baby girl....

-Maxi skirt worn as dress, belted with a faux leather white belt and black shrug with white sandals. I took the black and white thing to a whole new level, matching handbag and jewelry- my Juicy Couture set,pendant and charm on the bracelet, black and white! (Juicy necklace, bracelet).

BTW... the photographer is my son!!! LOL. He's obsessed with gadgets!

Maxi skirt:Mossimo-$21
Thong sandal:Mia-$26
Shrug: Eileen West-Gifted

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