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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It is but a few minutes to midnight here and I've decided that, just as it is with the night to day transition, and from summer to autumn...I have yet another transition to make. My wardrobe needs some attention. Trust me when I say that there are pieces that I've purchased years ago that I have yet to wear! I'm gonna change that!
What better time for change than the very time you may need an intervention? No unnecessary spending! The stores are calling. So tempted to go shopping... Over the weeks to come, I will be more focused on wearing those forgotten pieces. Anyone who suffers from the same ailment??? You're welcomed to try. At the end of it all, of course Im going be exchanging or giving stuff away or just donate them to charity. Now thats a good idea.
I'm challenging myself... and it starts right now! Wish me luck.

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