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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back log

Since going on vacation, I've neglected my blog, sadly. Not a week in yet and I have made zilch entries. My son is gonna take over my pc (so need another!), cause that's just what he does! But before I lose total control of it, I'm gonna make a few more posts. Brilliant, right?

My outfits over the last week or so....

«First, I got an haircut that screamed crazy! LOL….Fun. Crazy, sexy, cool....Totally in the culture too...Dance-hall rocks!

The following day was a beach outing, J.F.B. Family Fun day. My outfit below….

«Denim mini-Machine, Swim suit-St. Tropez, Knitted Poncho- Carmin, Cross the body bag-LV, Straw Hat- Bahia

…and the day after that, which was Sunday of course, dead beat, I headed to the country to visit my Moms and grams….Aaahhhh.

Jeggings- Machine, Vampire tee- 725, Gladiators-Steve Madden.

So, as I am off on my vacation, not that I'm sure I'll be leaving the island, but I had planned to get as many activities as possible in my itinerary. I'll be having tons of fun in the sun. I know some people envy me… vacation in Jamaica. LOL. Enjoy your summer!

Shaboya (fabulista876)

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