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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

But before all that...,

Before my vacation officially began, I was doing a little, some'n some'n....My outfits to this point are just summer basics really. As such, not much to write about. Man! I've turned this blog into something more therapeutic. Its like a daily journal.
See looks below....

This was actually my last day at work....I just couldn't wait to be outside those gates!
I just went home, showered, changed into the outfit below and went to the barber....My cousin, who is uber talented.... His name is Kevin of Diamond Touch Beauty and Barber Salon.

The day before my final day I went shopping. I had that work fun day at the beach coming up and this is what I wore shopping with my girlfriend, who I of course dragged along with me.

Feedback welcome....

Shaboya (Fabulista876)

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