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Friday, April 1, 2011

My Spring/Summer 2011

Being a Fashion Design student, I am compelled to keep up to date with the trends. I am so feeling the colours, the glitz and glamour of the luxe seventies and the re-incarnation of which is popular and in the now. It brings to mind the luxe designs of two of my favorite fashion designers of that era.... Yves Saint Laurent and  Halston. So womanly, luxe, polished and I'm loving it! Studio 54!
 In particular, I'm feeling all the maxi stuff, cover it up. Maxi skirts and dresses can be so sexy.
-Wide leg pants have made an enormous come-back and I just can't get enough of it.
-Sheer- which was here just a few seasons ago, didn't like it much then, but I'm loving it now. (Goes to show that the mantra taught through-out fashion school is true- pass it before me long enough or just the right way, and eventually I'll like, if not love it!)
- Colors, Colors, Colors!
 This season its about both colors, complementary that is, and the nudes carried over from 2010 fall. Nudes (camels) can still be seen in the fashion magazines. Have this nude jersey knit dress I'm just dying to wear.

Borrowing from the seventies, the elite attitude of the rich and famous in society (especially the celebs) has a magnetic pull which only a few can elude. It is with that that the coveted designer bag, shoes and or clothing gained such allure. The richness of the flawless Halston designs into the playful discotheque and the luxurious Yves Saint Laurent is to die for.  I have also come across a few Bill Blass dresses from the era that I absolutely adore!
It is in this spirit that I'll continue this love affair with fashion. An island girl can only dream, for now, since we have no authentic vintage shops here. The closest thing is the Salvation Army, which is not too welcoming. Haaa, are a few pics.

YSL Silk set-70s
 Halston Coral

70's Halston Seafoam Green

70s Bill Blass Chiffon one shoulder

Pics courtesy of Google image search

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