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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Past

Between school and work this year, I totally felt like I was loosing it....., for a split second. I was having headaches for days, forgetting to have a meal, because I've been soooo busy and yes, little or no sleep. You know burn out is on the brink when everyone around you have been telling you how terrible you look.  ( I couldn't possibly post those photos of my outfits with out photoshopping the dark circles from under my eyes! U crazy! Racoon eyes not cute!!!) Anyhoo, whenever I get to that point, and yes, it is that bad....I take time off from work and go to my mom's ( if i remain at home, I'll find a million and one things to do. As for my social life...does my co-workers and friends ambushing me to go out count??? I swear, where is the time..?
Below are some pics I took on my carefree weekend back home in Portland, Jamaica. I haven't laughed like that in a looong time...My son, Joaquin, is something else, he cracks me up.

Leaving my pad in the city...

 My son, Joaquin, greets me the minute I got sweet.
Joaquin goofing off. He's ready to go out again, an hour after my arrival...

Showered and changed oufits....turn up my swaggg!!

Just couldn't leave without hitting the beach, even though I didn't swim. Joaquin had a blast!

3 mom, Joaquin and I.

Final Day....


Going back to the city...Shucks!

I'll give ya'll an update on the outfits later. I have to get to class...Gotta Run.


(a.k.a  Fabulista876)


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Great family pics

  2. Thank you Monique! I had a marvelous time...
    Again thanks for stopping by and especially for posting a comment. Much appreci8ted.

  3. Great pictures!
    And I love the yellow top, looks great on you! :D

  4. HI Shaboya! Thank you for dropping by at my blog and for saying hi :) I really appreciate it.
    OMG talk about school. I've been catching up (still am) with my readings on the side and also work too. So I know what you mean. But I hope you're able to catch up on your rest though. I can't go without sleep anymore. When I was younger I would sleep a lot less due to procrastinating (which always seemed to be a constant thing for me) but I was always irritated and felt ill. So now sleep is my #1 :)
    I love the colours you wore in your beach outfit with your son - the yellow tank and bright red sandals. I love bright colours esp in warmer weather :)