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Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry, I'm not sure I should really call this post. I have a few pics to post, but thats it. Not much happening in my life these days, sooo busy with work and school that I havent been out much.
 In the latter part of March however, I did attend my friend's party "March OUT" which was actually a military uniform party, but you know me, there is just no way I would dress in a uniform...SMH, if you thought I would, you're crazy! LOL. The outfit in my profile pic on facebook is the outfit I wore....check it out...  Other than that party... sad to say, I've only been to the shopping district (for school supplies), work, school, home.... but that's ok, it will soon change, once this semster ends...LOL.
So the pics......

March OUT 2011 outfit
The entire outfit is available at Neiman Marcus!!! (I was searching for the blouse on and the entire outfit came up on the first try! And on sale no less! Yea! LOL, who could tell? Of course I'll be looking for a less expensive alternate, but I had to share this! Link: Outfit link.
I'm not finding the exact things but I tried. My outfit in actuality: Blouse-Vero Moda, Leggings-Ann Harvey, Boots-Predictions, Clutch (out of stock)- Avon
Less costly alternative: BootsLeggingsBlouseClutchRing

Below: Photo reference from   2 B Rych  Collection

The party's dress was supposed to be uniform-like, somewhat in comparison to what my dear friend Cesha and her hubby, Marvel, wore below...Love it but so not me... LOL. There are sites that you can totally shop the look but, if you want your one of a kind beauty, you could get it custom made like my friends did.

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