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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ys of Life

I had been in a funk for a while since late last year and so, I took a break from blogging. I felt the need to re-connect with self  and be happy for me, what and who I am in entirety. After a break-up, some of us are so fragile and raw emotionally, that just so we can cope, we withdraw to go and lick our wounds privately. That within itself is a process. In all this time however, I happened to have acquired more responsibility and as such, was so consumed by it that I seriously did not have the time to enjoy the things I love. In this instant, fashion blogging. I NEVER lost my love for fashion though; how could I?! It's there and will always be...

These last months, I've seen proof that I've grown, considerably, and I'm loving the new and improved me.
I have more confidence than ever and it is evident in how I relate with others, especially people that are not my peers, my body language over -all and even my dress. I'm courageous enough now to attempt prinst...and bold colors among other things, heehee! I am fearless!!!

My blog may not be on par with the likes of  "The Fashionista Next Door" ( Eboni Ife, (who I follow religiously and is my daily (or almost daily) inspiration to get dressed up and happy, Love you Ife!!! ) or  Another Face in the Crowd's Greg Washington ( and my girl at blogspot, Shen Dove Style (, but with a full-time job, which is short staffed by the way, and college, I can hardly find time to see people or to do a simply enough task like, oh yes, blogging. I'm trying though and with better time management, I will  get me there.  Some support would be good, so hey....Follow Me on My Journey! LOL.

(a.k.a  Fabulista876)


  1. found you from weardrobe and i like your style. following you now and looking forward to more outfit posts!

  2. OH Monica, Thank you so so much! Checking out your blog this very minute and I'm loving it. I'm following you now. Loving the outfits....