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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Past

Between school and work this year, I totally felt like I was loosing it....., for a split second. I was having headaches for days, forgetting to have a meal, because I've been soooo busy and yes, little or no sleep. You know burn out is on the brink when everyone around you have been telling you how terrible you look.  ( I couldn't possibly post those photos of my outfits with out photoshopping the dark circles from under my eyes! U crazy! Racoon eyes not cute!!!) Anyhoo, whenever I get to that point, and yes, it is that bad....I take time off from work and go to my mom's ( if i remain at home, I'll find a million and one things to do. As for my social life...does my co-workers and friends ambushing me to go out count??? I swear, where is the time..?
Below are some pics I took on my carefree weekend back home in Portland, Jamaica. I haven't laughed like that in a looong time...My son, Joaquin, is something else, he cracks me up.

Leaving my pad in the city...

 My son, Joaquin, greets me the minute I got sweet.
Joaquin goofing off. He's ready to go out again, an hour after my arrival...

Showered and changed oufits....turn up my swaggg!!

Just couldn't leave without hitting the beach, even though I didn't swim. Joaquin had a blast!

3 mom, Joaquin and I.

Final Day....


Going back to the city...Shucks!

I'll give ya'll an update on the outfits later. I have to get to class...Gotta Run.


(a.k.a  Fabulista876)

What You Wearing?

So, of late I've been going on and on about the 70s and how much that era inspires me now on getting dressed each day. In all fairness, however, I still hung on to some tried and true looks for me, for example, jeggings. 
Before this post becomes something its not, ( droning on and on boring you to death about simple things), lets just get to the meat of the matter.
Here are a few of the outfits I've been rocking lately.....
The Outfit:- Blazer- New York & Company, Skirt-Proenza Schouler , Tank -Ralph Lauren, Pumps- Michael Antonio

Shop The LOOK:- Striped BlazerSkirtTankPumpsHandbag

I'm pretty excited because the skirt is self made... 
Yea! I bought my suiting and made myself a skirt!!!
The Outfit:- Blouse- Ann Taylor Loft, Skirt- Self-made, Belt- , Peep-toes:- Madden Girl
Shop The LOOK:- BlouseShoesBelt

My Fave Blazer....
The Outfit:- Blazer- , Tank- Esprit, Pants:- New York & Company, Clogs (as seen in recent posts).
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Friday, April 15, 2011

School - Sharing a little bit of me.

In class, at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, where I study Fashion Design, we have been introduced to draping on a form.... Below is my first attempt. Bare with me, I am but a student...LOL
I don't know what possessed me to use a fabric as light as chiffon but, I think it worked in the long run. I like this design, but it is just the start of it. I am required to turn in a collection of 15 pieces next class. Wish me luck!

In the latter part of March, we had an Alternative Fashion show in my department at school. I entered two pieces because we had limited time. Please see below....

Arielle Rocked my piece for the cameras. Fabric of choice- Burlap (I know, so cliche), embellished with plastic bows and roses with Glitter from foil paper and wine stopper wrapper.

This dress was made for the Hot Couture section
 (Hot, not Haute- because we're in the tropics and its hot here!) 
It was made from Tulle and had a little lining. Purse was constructed from upholstery fabric.

The two beautiful models and I (center),  final walk down the runway. (I'm wearing my own design too!) 

Empire Waisted...

My last post was all about my melon Eddie Bauer Midi dress, well yesterday, it was all about my empire waist knit dress... I don't know why I'm loving dresses now, but I am. I'm guessing its because there is something really etheral about dresses. Some cuteness factor too...I can't believe I just said that. I ought to wear more dresses, keep the compliments flowing...LOL..Well, without further delay...

The Outfit: Sweater Cardigan:- L.A. Blues, Dress:- F21,

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loving My Midi

I've been in love with maxi dresses and skirts for a while, but now, its all about the Midi dress. I've had this Eddie Bauer Midi for a couple of years and I'm loving it now more than ever. I saw Ife, as in Eboni Ife of the blog in a beautiful full midi skirt and I loved it. She is an inspiration to me...Like a fash shoulder pushing me to steion angel on my up my game in the mornings.

I sincerely apologize for the poor picture quality.....
The Outfit: Coral Midi Jersey Dress:- Eddie Bauer. Knitted Cardigan-Zawary , Slingback Pumps- Luiza Barcelos, Handbag- Coach, Beads-
N.B. My outfit is a mix of pieces that may not be available in the stores now since I've had them for a while....
The Look :- Dress (in likeness)CardiganShoes,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sad Event

My girlfriend aunt died. Shortly thereafter, her nana passed on too. Trying times for her but finally its over for the most part. Now she  can breathe. Its is in our tradition to observe wakes, which is more commonly called "nine night". In actuality, the nineth night was observed nine nights after the  death of the person. However, it is a common practice that a wake be held on the night before the funeral and that was what I attended to show my support.
The outfit I wore that night, Friday night, was a blouse, White House Black Market Shorts ( actually it was a capri but it was ugly on me, so I cut it), Steve Madden wedge and Mark by avon clutch. See below...

Man my Leg's shining! LOL!!!
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On the day of the funeral, Murphy's Law happened, "Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong."
I didn't get the chance to attend...looong story , but I was dressed for the occasion because I was trying to be present... See below...

Not the most flattering pic but hey, its really about the outfit...
The outfit:- Dress-Xhilaration, Shrug- Eileen West, Laser cut shoes- Naona, Belt- Forever21
Shop The Look:- ShrugDressPumpsBeltRingNecklace

But....before all that, I had work and was planning on going for drinks after work ( which didn't happen because I went to the salon to get my hair did. :D).

The outfit:- Jelly Kelly bay ( I overlaid mine with lace, a simple DIY), Cargoes- Express, Tank- Mossimo, Shades- Mark (Avon), Vest and Clogs as seen in previous posts.
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Past Week

I guess I'm not getting this blog they way I want it because I have limited time to bring it up to speed. Now its touch and go for me as usual, because I just now got home from work and will be rushing off to school in a bit, but first, I have to, need to take a nap. It is imperative that I do. Before I leave you tho, I want to share with you a few piecse fom last week.

I'm absolutely loving the crocheted detailing at the top of this sheer blouse, the fact that it is sheer, did not elude me. My fringe sandals, I haven't really worn and I thought I'd just wear them.

This was my Casual Friday outfit for work in the afternoon. Waaay casual, I'd say! Love this pair of jeans but they were too short and looked weird on me so, I cut the legs off and have been rocking them like this for a while....
The Look: Esprit TeeJeans (my jeans is actually Michael Kors but I couldn't find the wash- its an old jeans), HandbagShoesWatch

Running some errands.....
The outfit:- Tee-Old Navy, Vest- Self-made from an oversized express tee, Capri- Ann Taylor Loft, Sandal- Tory Burch, Bracelet- gifted

This is one of my Absolute favorite shirts...Its light-weight (because it is sheer) and for someone who is not the biggest fan of prints, I LOVE THIS!
The outfit is:- Shirt- No name, Jeans- Rocawear, Bag- Coach, Clogs-Dollhouse 
Shop the LOOK:- TopHandbagJeansClog

Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry, I'm not sure I should really call this post. I have a few pics to post, but thats it. Not much happening in my life these days, sooo busy with work and school that I havent been out much.
 In the latter part of March however, I did attend my friend's party "March OUT" which was actually a military uniform party, but you know me, there is just no way I would dress in a uniform...SMH, if you thought I would, you're crazy! LOL. The outfit in my profile pic on facebook is the outfit I wore....check it out...  Other than that party... sad to say, I've only been to the shopping district (for school supplies), work, school, home.... but that's ok, it will soon change, once this semster ends...LOL.
So the pics......

March OUT 2011 outfit
The entire outfit is available at Neiman Marcus!!! (I was searching for the blouse on and the entire outfit came up on the first try! And on sale no less! Yea! LOL, who could tell? Of course I'll be looking for a less expensive alternate, but I had to share this! Link: Outfit link.
I'm not finding the exact things but I tried. My outfit in actuality: Blouse-Vero Moda, Leggings-Ann Harvey, Boots-Predictions, Clutch (out of stock)- Avon
Less costly alternative: BootsLeggingsBlouseClutchRing

Below: Photo reference from   2 B Rych  Collection

The party's dress was supposed to be uniform-like, somewhat in comparison to what my dear friend Cesha and her hubby, Marvel, wore below...Love it but so not me... LOL. There are sites that you can totally shop the look but, if you want your one of a kind beauty, you could get it custom made like my friends did.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ys of Life

I had been in a funk for a while since late last year and so, I took a break from blogging. I felt the need to re-connect with self  and be happy for me, what and who I am in entirety. After a break-up, some of us are so fragile and raw emotionally, that just so we can cope, we withdraw to go and lick our wounds privately. That within itself is a process. In all this time however, I happened to have acquired more responsibility and as such, was so consumed by it that I seriously did not have the time to enjoy the things I love. In this instant, fashion blogging. I NEVER lost my love for fashion though; how could I?! It's there and will always be...

These last months, I've seen proof that I've grown, considerably, and I'm loving the new and improved me.
I have more confidence than ever and it is evident in how I relate with others, especially people that are not my peers, my body language over -all and even my dress. I'm courageous enough now to attempt prinst...and bold colors among other things, heehee! I am fearless!!!

My blog may not be on par with the likes of  "The Fashionista Next Door" ( Eboni Ife, (who I follow religiously and is my daily (or almost daily) inspiration to get dressed up and happy, Love you Ife!!! ) or  Another Face in the Crowd's Greg Washington ( and my girl at blogspot, Shen Dove Style (, but with a full-time job, which is short staffed by the way, and college, I can hardly find time to see people or to do a simply enough task like, oh yes, blogging. I'm trying though and with better time management, I will  get me there.  Some support would be good, so hey....Follow Me on My Journey! LOL.

(a.k.a  Fabulista876)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Follow-up: My Spring/Summer 2011

These are just a few of the pics I took of outfits being worn in this period.
Apart from the wide leg pants, nudes, maxi skirts/dresses, colors....I'm liking the stripes, prints and a few things in between too.... The pics below depict just that.

TankVigoss JeggingsSunglassesOrange gladiator

Polka dot blousePurple vest7th ave wide leg pants

My Spring/Summer 2011

Being a Fashion Design student, I am compelled to keep up to date with the trends. I am so feeling the colours, the glitz and glamour of the luxe seventies and the re-incarnation of which is popular and in the now. It brings to mind the luxe designs of two of my favorite fashion designers of that era.... Yves Saint Laurent and  Halston. So womanly, luxe, polished and I'm loving it! Studio 54!
 In particular, I'm feeling all the maxi stuff, cover it up. Maxi skirts and dresses can be so sexy.
-Wide leg pants have made an enormous come-back and I just can't get enough of it.
-Sheer- which was here just a few seasons ago, didn't like it much then, but I'm loving it now. (Goes to show that the mantra taught through-out fashion school is true- pass it before me long enough or just the right way, and eventually I'll like, if not love it!)
- Colors, Colors, Colors!
 This season its about both colors, complementary that is, and the nudes carried over from 2010 fall. Nudes (camels) can still be seen in the fashion magazines. Have this nude jersey knit dress I'm just dying to wear.

Borrowing from the seventies, the elite attitude of the rich and famous in society (especially the celebs) has a magnetic pull which only a few can elude. It is with that that the coveted designer bag, shoes and or clothing gained such allure. The richness of the flawless Halston designs into the playful discotheque and the luxurious Yves Saint Laurent is to die for.  I have also come across a few Bill Blass dresses from the era that I absolutely adore!
It is in this spirit that I'll continue this love affair with fashion. An island girl can only dream, for now, since we have no authentic vintage shops here. The closest thing is the Salvation Army, which is not too welcoming. Haaa, are a few pics.

YSL Silk set-70s
 Halston Coral

70's Halston Seafoam Green

70s Bill Blass Chiffon one shoulder

Pics courtesy of Google image search