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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pre exam-get up....

Today is so not the happiest day of my life, yet it is....HUH?
I have exams to sit today and I think I've prepared myself for the worst. NOT!
I'm just now beginning to freak out about it. I think I know enough to pass...I know I do!
But for some reason I have this nagging feeling as if somethings not right. Anyways...
I'll be going into that damn room and ace that paper (I think I can, I know I can). Failing is not an option.
Obsess much? I just have the jitters but I'll get over it.
Wish me Luck.
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  1. I just had exams myself, so I know how you feel. Good luck on yours!

  2. Thanks. You know how nerve racking it is even when you're prepared...