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Thursday, July 15, 2010

River Run...II

So as you know, in the islands as it draws close to summer, we islanders establish a much closer relationship with our waters. I had my exams last week, so its time to de-stress.My hubby and I went for a drive in the country, intention was to go to the north coast to have a fun day yesterday, but alas the weather would have none of it so we settle for someplace closer to home...still fun. We went to the Castleton Botanical Gardens  and had a little walk through the garden and yes, I wanted to go for a swim but there was a chill in the air. Yes, i did take my bathing suit and all, but because the air was a little nippy, I left it in the car :(. Should've taken it with me, the water was oh so refreshing. Just cool enough, not cold!
   Oh well, I guess I'll do that (swim) another day. Hmmm.... the air was sooo crispy clean. I love the countryside!
This Collage is a collection of most of the pics taken at the botanical garden....

 {Will post pics @  a later date}.

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