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Sunday, July 11, 2010

River Run

In the Islands, it is quite a popular summer activity to go to the river...well the one that i visited is more like a mini spa. Don't hate! LOL
.It is what some people believe, a really relaxing retreat, though I had to walk for a few minutes up a slope, quite worth it.
"Bath" as it is so commonly called, is really quite with the exception of a babbling brook and yes, it is did i say, a bit cool. The water coming from the rocks just above the little 'wading' areas is a little too warm for just standing under, but if you place a towel just where the water will hit the skin, its quite soothing. So warm, even though the water itself smells sulphuric (not the greatest scent), its quite good. Oh, point to note: the hot water comes from higher grounds where it is said that this water comes from a spring that is within a small all but inactive volcano and has healing properties. There are locals present offering their service as masseuse, etc with the use of an oil said to be made of pimento berries and olive oil (smells heavenly). I didn't get the chance to get my body rub on though, sadly.
P.S I'm really sorry I didn't get the chance to actually take photo. My camera is busted and these 
were taken with my cell.....

The Look

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