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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its summer and as with the change of season I just think I really need a few pieces, spend much? God....There a some things that I most definitely will have to get, its beach season people!

These Donna Karran wedge & sandals are just perfect 
and I love them!

 ...and have you seen a cuter neutral??? Hmmmm......

.....I much prefer this white Tommy Bahama is just so divine. That plus it is versatile too....


  Whether it's a mailot, monokini or a tankini (have to cover up some if not all of this ghastly belly fat I've acquired  over the last couple months!), I want some fun swimsuits. I'll be on vacation shortly and yes, the beach will be my main place of play! I know you envy me! Muah hahahaha! (Evil laugh). So loving the stripes this season! Slight houndstooth design @ left, Maaaad!!!
                                                          Above: Roxy

My beach outfit, of course, would not be complete without my trusty beach bag....



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